Uses of Laboratory Equipment

Before conducting any experiment, it is very important to use safety goggles and safety equipment. “Safety first” is a rule in conducting an experiment while in a laboratory room. The laboratory room can be one of the dangerous place to stay. This is why safety protocols inside the laboratory should be strictly followed and those who conduct an experiment must never play inside especially when holding a chemical whether it is a liquid, solid, or powder. Safety goggles are used to avoid eye irritation or blindness.

Latex gloves, lab apron or coat, and closed shoes are all used for one’s safety. There are containers being used in the laboratory. The most common among the laboratory containers are beakers. It is commonly used for mixing, stirring, and heating chemicals. A beaker does not have any lid or covering. This is why a watch glass can be used. In order to easily mix the chemicals, the Erlenmeyer flask or conical flask is being used. It is used to avoid the risk of spilling the chemical.

Another container that can be used to hold liquids and also for heating is the Florence flask or also known as boiling flask. While test tubes are used to hold small samples only. Test tube tongs and a rack are being used together with the test tubes. When conducting an experiment using a small amount of liquid or solid, the watch glass can be used. Lab funnels too are very useful when conducting an experiment. All the laboratory apparatus are very useful.